• EuroConsult offers specialized software that supports your organization in the field of Manufacturing & Logistics. We deliver Scheduling Software, Manufacturing Software and BPM Software.

  • EuroConsult is highly specialized in securing business processes. The EXB software package helps you make business processes transparent and ensures that you have more control over your organization.

  • Our Managed Services provide an IT infrastructure that enables your organization to function properly online. We provide Network & System Management, Hosted Telephony and Cloud Solutions.

  • To address your IT issues, we provide professionals and ZZP Freelancers who can be of excellent service. EuroConsult is very flexible in providing the best specialists to implement solutions of great quality into your organization.

ICT Services

In the field of IT EuroConsult offers various solutions when it comes to software for Production & Logistics, Governance Risk & Compliance and Outsourcing. Besides offering various software packages that support your business, we also offer consulting and outsourcing professionals that can assist in the implementation of IT solutions. We also supply the entire ICT infrastructure that supports your organization in your online business.

Planning Software

Preactor is a world leader in the field of Advanced Planning and Scheduling software. Preactor provides scheduling software that allows you to calculate your detailed production planning, fully automated. Your production is displayed on the graphical planning board. Where ERP systems do not take into account finite capacity of machines, availability of (qualified) personnel, tools or materials, Preactor will optimize production planning within these restrictions. By planning your production orders in the most appropriate sequence, you utilize your productive capacity optimally. If you want to optimize your production to reduce your inventory and at the same time want to improve your customer service Preactor planning and scheduling software is perfect for your manufacturing business.

For more information see: www.evologics.nl/planning-software-van-preactor

Manufacturing Software

Infor Evolution is a unique software solution that automates your logistical, administrative and financial processes. The base is a wide variety of standard software is shaped to your individual processes. Infor Evolution has a very broad base and can automate virtually any business process. The system is satisfactorily implemented at many organizations across many industries with large differences in structure, process layout and globally scale. Depending on the objectives and complexity, Infor Evolution is suited for medium to large enterprises with a focus on manufacturing and/or marketing.

Infor Evolution distinguishes itself by offering highly advanced functionalities to almost every organization. Obviously, the system provides extensive support in the areas of inventory management, purchasing & sales, production, transportation and finance. In addition, Infor Evolution is distinguished by specific and additional functionality in the areas of:

  • Distribution management
  • CRM en document management
  • Functionality for Service en Technical services
  • Customer-specific configuration of products
  • Webshop functionalities
  • Software for scheduling and planning
  • Continually insight in performance
  • Proactive software voor streamlining processes
For more information see: www.evologics.nl/over-infor

BPM Software

Infor Evolution offers you a BPM (Business Process Management) solution to streamline your administrative and operational activities with minimal interference of your staff.

The result: automation as intended. No endless fields spread over several screens or tabs, but a system that works for you! On the basis of your business processes and procedures Infor Evolution handles the most common processes fully automatically. Only when the software detects a deviation action of a user is requested.

For more information see: www.evologics.nl/bpm-software

BPM Software for SME (Exact)

EuroConsult has specialized in the implementation of Exact software at companies in various industries. Every day our customers experience the automated business processes within their industry. Besides technical understanding a thorough knowledge of your industry is essential. EuroConsult is unique and is synonymous with quality and commitment. We enable you to get more out of your organization. We do this by using Exact Software and demonstrable knowledge of your industry. Whether it's your people, processes and technology. Ultimately, it is all about return on investment.

For more information see: www.brainsquare.nl

EXB Software

EXB provides compliance with internal and external regulations and procedures in the areas of governance, risk, compliance, quality, incident, audit, business intelligence and reporting. It is a product which is developed in-house by EuroConsult in cooperation with customers. Renowned companies from various industries, follow the (legal) procedures and monitor internal compliance. In the case of incidents, the software automatically initiates an internal improvement about which incidents will be prevented in the future.

evologics exb software

For more information see: http://www.evologics.nl/grc-software

Network & System Management

Within large organizations daily network and system management is implemented. There are always network administrators present that keep a daily eye and prevent down-time. EuroConsult makes this also possible for SMEs.

As a Microsoft Small Business Specialist EuroConsult has proven to be a full certified partner for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our employees have specialized and are certified in order to achieve the right solutions. Therefore, you can confidently rely on us for your system management on-site and remotely.

For more information see: www.braincare.nl/netwerk-en-systeembeheer

Hosted Telephony

Add voice, video and data together on a secure network with VoIP telephony. Reduce costs and improve productivity and opportunities for collaboration within your company.

VoIP telephony is important in the current ICT structures. Because of the need to reduce costs, initiatives such as the "new work" and need for integration and convergence, this technology is increasingly used in the corporate market.

Advantages VoIP telephony:

  • One network

    Where traditional telephony sends voice calls within the company over a separate network, VoIP telephony uses the already-available network. It only needs one circuit of cables, wiring closets and active components to be constructed and operated. You no longer have to choose a format of voice and data connections, but can suffice with only data connections.

  • User convenience

    Additional VoIP phones for new employees are quickly connected to your existing computer network. The devices are equipped with built-in switches so that no additional network connections are required. Also internal movements are simple. The staff review their user number on the IP phone on their new workplace, then they can call the same functions as before. Also they can keep the same telephone number. Programming the system is no longer there.

  • Lower TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership)

    Because VoIP telephony uses the computer network, maintenance is also directly from your network administrator. Expensive maintenance contracts with external parties are no longer necessary. Several locations are interconnected by IP, VPN or WAN, therefore the telephony traffic between themselves free. It also makes a difference in the capacity of the external telephone lines.

  • Working from home

    Once home workers have a connection to the corporate network, they can connect their VoIP phone and use services that they also have available in the office. The great advantages are: availability under the same number, no charge for internal calls and the costs are directly included in the central phone bill.

  • For more information see: www.braincare.nl/voip-telefonie

    Cloud Solutions

    No local data, no private servers at the office. It is now possible and also very affordable. Do you no longer want unnecessary hardware and have access to your data everywhere you go? EuroConsult facilitates the analysis of your IT environment and can advise whether you can go to the cloud.

    For more information see: www.braincare.nl/cloud-oplossingen


EuroConsult strives to be an inspiring employer to all employees and offer opportunities in the field of personal development and career. As an interim professional at EuroConsult you may be used in one of our various assignments from our large network of clients. You work on interesting challenges, smaller or larger, where your knowledge, enthusiasm and experience makes a difference.

As BrainCap professional you work on interesting projects with leading clients. One time you will be deployed for a project the other time as a solution for a temporary occupancy problem. Meanwhile, you have the security of a permanent contract.

For more information see: http://www.braincap.nl/professionals-0

ZZP Freelance

As freelancer you possess the entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge, and you go out of your own power. EuroConsult provides an opportunity to put it in and we take time-consuming acquisition of hands. EuroConsult is always looking for enthusiastic and experienced IT professionals and we offer a wide variety of assignments and we have a large network of clients. Think of companies in the banking, publishing, healthcare and metals.

EuroConsult ensures that you can start as well as possible at our clients. In addition to making acquisitions, we also arrange the negotiations and thus save you a lot of time and energy.

For more information see: http://www.braincap.nl/zzp-freelance